A Wild Beauty

20 May 2013

Yesterday was a really bad day!
Everything went wrong, I had absolutely no inspiration what so ever, I was stressed and pissed off. In the evening I went for a little walk in my parents' garden and around the neighborhood.
I found some nice and bloomed pasque flowers, some Pacific bleeding hearts and suddenly I had picked a whole bouquet.

The bouquet includes: bloomed pasque flowers, Pacific bleeding hearts, chives, Queen Anne's lace, apple blossom, buttercups, sea thrift, nargis, dandelions, wild orpine, tow vetch, meadow saxifrage peony leaves, poppy leaves, columbine leaves and ferns.

A completely undemanding bouquet. A delightful and spontaneous mix. 
It's not the most beautiful bouquet! 
But that's not the point with my evening walks bouquets.
I pick the flowers and tie the bouquet as I go. 
It's creative, it's surprising (as I'm never sure of what flowers i will find) and it's liberating!
These evening walk bouquets are my wild beauties!

// Photography by Emelie Ekborg

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