Shooting in the Palm House

28 July 2013

palm house. gothenburg, palmhuset göteborg, garden roses, rosor göteborg,

Earlier this week I had a photoshoot in the Palm House, Gothenburg.
It happened to be one of the hottest day so far, this summer.
It was very, very hot, humid and sweaty...
Note to myself: NEVER book a photoshoot in a palm house or tropical garden in the summer!

pink garden rose, botanical garden gothenburg

The Palm House is located in a beautyful botanical garden in the city center. I was a little early so I had a walk in the rose garden. And snap, snap, snap...
Surrounded by the most amazing roses together with a camera can be very dangerouse.
I had to stop myself before I ended up with 100s of photos.

white garden rose, botanical garden gothenburg

It was quite early in the morning and the gardeners just watered the garden.
There were water drops on all the flowers.
Like small jewels.

// Photography by Emelie Ekborg

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  1. Åhh där var jag i torsdags. Underbart !Å tack för allla underbara bilder du delar med dig♥ Kram Jordråttan

    1. Vad lustigt, det var i torsdags som jag var där o fotade!