Urban Jungle Bloggers: My Gardening Secret

7 November 2013

It's already time for the 3rd post in the Urban Jungle Bloggers serie.
Igor, Judith and Jocelyn are doing such a great job to come up with interesting topics and collecting urban gardening inspiration on pinterest.

November's topic is "my gardening secrets".
I don't really know if I have any secrets when it comes to gardening and 
taking care of house plants.
But there's three crucial things that all plants need:

When I was working in a flower shop and people asked for advice about house plants, I found out two things: people seem to forget to give their plants these three things and if they remember it they would only give the plants water and no fertilizer nor love.

I use to clean my entire flat once aweek and then I take care of my plants as well.
That way it's very easy to remember.

If you don't want to take care of your home and flowers at the same time, 
I have another great idea.
Use the calender in your smart phone! 
Set an alarm once aweek (or twice if your plants require) and a simple note like "Talk to my orchid and give it a little drink". Once a month you simply add "+ a little snack aka fertilizer".
Set the alarm at a time when you use to be at home so you can do it stright away.
Nowadays there's no excuse to forget your plats!

// Photography by Emelie Ekborg

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  1. A great and simple tip to remember the plant care. Although I don't need a reminder, I love my plants too much:-) Oh and that cuties is "your" pilea, she is thriving beautifully. I always think of you when I see her. THANK YOU so much!!!!

    1. That's so good to hear, that you love them so much ;) I just so happy that the cutting that I was about to throw away found a new home and that she can sread some happyness for you!

  2. Thanks for the alarm tip, Emelie! Like Igor I don't really need the reminder either, but I could use some fertilizer tips, because I rarely use them. My succulents and cactus plants already grow like crazy without them. Thanks for your #urbanjungle enthusiasm!