This Caught my Eye on Formex

22 February 2014

Before I went to Thailand I visited Formex in Stockholm.
Formex is one of the largest fairs for Scandinavian interior designs and The place to catch up on new trends and ideas.
I know it's been awhile and I'm sure that many of you already read trend reports from Formex on other blogs. But since I have many readers all over Europe and in the States, I thought you might like a quick report on what caught my eye on Formex.

1. Lovely boxes or jars of porcelain in lots of different colours from Kähler.
2. Green is the new black! Center piece made entirely of foliage in the Linum booth. 
3. I love the water drops from condensation inside the bottles.
4. Stylish copper pots from H.Skjalm P

5. How cute isn't this little breakfast set from Månses Design.
6. Lots of fresh flowers in the booths!
7. The Bungalow's booth felt like a candy shop! I can't decide which of these boxes are my favourite.
8. One of the hottes trends this spring is the bud vase!

Kristina Stark won the Formex Formidable 2013 Award with her serie Botan, which includes this stylish vases and a watering can. An excellent choice!

// Photography by Emelie Ekborg

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