Table Setting with Pansies & Pea Sprouts

15 May 2014

Yesterday I set up the table for me and myself for lunch.
An easy table setting suitable for a midweek dinner or weekend dinner party.
Instead of a plate, I used a cutting board in porcelain.
A "real" napkin in fabric is one of the best ways to dress up a table.

It's always fun to play with letter cubes.
Write something welcoming to your guests or leave a sweet little note for your darling.

A purple pansy brightens it all up!
I just placed the pansy together with some pea sprouts on top of the cutlery. 
But of course you can tie them with a little string or ribbon.

Did you know that you can eat pansies?
It's quite fun to decorate the food with editable flowers.
And even more fun to say "Bon appetite" to your guests 
"and now... let's decorate our food!"

// Photography by Emelie Ekborg

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