Introducing my new friend...

9 October 2014

Please let me introduce my new friend... Kenwood kMix!
Do you remember when I went to the blog event at Hotel Pigalle?
During the pre-dinner mingle there was this competition -
put your business card in the bowl to get a chance to win the mixer.

And I won!
The funny thing is, just days before me and mr M discussed that we wanted a new, 
big mixer for baking breads and cakes.
So I had to scuffle a 15 kg box on the tram back home...

Yesterday was the first time I used it for baking.
Because it was the "opening" I wanted to bake something special.
I made mocca macarons.

It was years since I made macarons so I was a little nervous that they wouldn't rise. 
But with my new friend the kMixer it said swisch and then I had a perfect meringue, 
and they turned out just perfect.

// Photography by Emelie Ekborg

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  1. Vilka fantastiskt fina Macarons! är grymt imponerad av alla som bakar dessa små goda saker :-)

    1. Tack Anna-Karin. Macarons är lite oberäknerliga - men det är det som är charmen med dem ;)

  2. Vilken toppenvinst!! Snygg är den med, stort grattis!